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Surveillance Security

Security cameras increase staff and customer safety, deter theft and vandalism, and reduce insurance costs. Five 9s Communication in Utah will build a video surveillance system customized to fit your property and business needs.


Whether you choose a 4K wired security camera system or a wireless cloud-based system, Five 9s will provide you with a robust, high-quality solution perfect for your business. All of our surveillance security systems can be integrated with access security solutions and provide you remote access to your video feed and historical footage.


Decrease your risk of theft and other security threats with 24/7 security management.


What type of security cameras should I get?

Our experts will complete a thorough evaluation of your existing security camera system and your property, providing reliable HD and UHD camera solutions designed to meet your business needs. Get to know some of the most popular video surveillance camera options.

Positioning Cameras

Remotely change your camera’s view with PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Cameras, Varifocal Zoom Cameras, and more.

Panoramic Cameras

Capture a wider viewing area with Single-Sensor or Multisensor Panoramic Cameras.

Thermal Cameras

Minimize nighttime blindspots with Thermal/Temperature Cameras.

Explosion-Protected Cameras

Select a vandal-proof camera that can handle extreme environments and abuse.

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