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Clear workplace communication requires robust and easy-to-use communication systems. Five 9s Communications has spent decades improving communication for Utah businesses. We will work within your infrastructure to boost cellular signals, build overhead paging systems, and design a simple but customized phone system that meets your exact needs.

What can an overhead speaker system do for my workplace communication?

Overhead speakers can increase communication with systems like overhead paging and decrease distractions with sound masking systems. Five 9s has installed paging and audio systems in healthcare facilities, educational campuses, law offices, and more. Whether you need a small, single-zone application or a multi-zone complex campus, we will deliver an audio system with the best output for your needs.


What is the best phone service system for my business?

Different businesses will benefit more from different phone systems based on their location, their network setup, their expected input, and more. Five 9s will review your current phone system, help you evaluate the best options based on your needs and infrastructure, and design the best telephone system for your business. Keep reading to learn more about the solutions we offer.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) vs Digital/Analog Phone Systems

Compare the two ways of transmitting data in a phone system.
Data Transmission
Signal connection (over the internet)
Physical phone line
Technology Needed
Needs a reliable wireless network
Can use existing phone lines
Easily transfer IP phones and ethernet connections to new locations; can forward calls to cell phones
Need to notify the phone company to transfer information and set up new phone numbers
Power Capacity
Need to be connected to an AC power source and a robust network
Require very little power
Affected by network traffic
Unaffected by computer network

What is a PBX phone system?

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone systems create an internal telephone network for your business in addition to your external phone network. Your incoming phone line is split into multiple lines, allowing you multiple internal phones that can communicate at no extra cost. PBX systems can be applied to both VoIP and digital/analog phone systems.


On-Premise Telephony vs Cloud-Based Telephony

Compare the two hosting options for VoIP and VoIP PBX phone systems.
Server Location
Audio Quality
Dependent only on your network
Software has specific network requirements
Team needs to work within your network
Team can work remotely
Requires additional hardware to scale up
Easily scalable with an upgraded subscription
Higher upfront cost due to hardware and license purchases
Annual or monthly SaaS subscription
IT specialists needed to perform updates and other maintenance work
Updates, maintenance, and support covered in subscription cost
Advanced Features
Need to be set up by IT specialists
CRM automated logging, click-to-call apps, staff and admin logins, web phones, conference bridges, and more

Our Phone System Technology Partners

Five 9s has partnered with Mitel and NEC to provide best-in-class phone system solutions for our clients.

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