Is your business new to the world of remote workers? While some businesses are able to maintain productivity with remote workers, others find it difficult to connect and collaborate effectively with their remote employees. Collaboration and connectivity are essential to effective remote working employees. Five9’s Communications provides multiple solutions for remote working including:

  • Videoconferencing
  • VPN (IT)
  • Unified Communications
  • Wiring within the home (hard wired vs. wireless)

When employees are thrust into at-home working, it can cause many of them to struggle to feel connected to their co-workers. Personal relationships are an essential component of employment for many people. Close relationships with co-workers has been found to improve engagement, which overall enhances employee morale and productivity.

Productivity is Tied to Collaboration

While it is important for employers to focus on finding ways to improve personal connections with employees, they need to focus on how to ensure employees are able to do their job duties effectively when they are at home. One way to solve this problem is by implementing the right tools designed to focus on collaboration. Scheduled meetings need to be more than just a voice talking to them, effective collaboration includes connection thanks to unique team video conferencing solutions.

Videoconferencing Enhances Team Collaboration

When employees are able to see one another, it makes it easier for them to have clear, effective communication. Employees working in teams find it easier to understand one another when they are able to one another’s reactions.

Video conferencing allows employees to feel informed and appreciated as part of the team. Organizations that implement video conferencing and collaboration tools find remote workers can often bring valuable data and expertise. We recommend implementing StarLeaf’s unique video conferencing solution.

What is StarLeaf Video Conferencing and Calling?

Five 9’s Communication in collaboration with our partnership with StarLeaf can help assist businesses of any size or industry become equipped to handle any challenges related to COVID-19 and remote working employees. Rich cloud video conferencing and calling solutions make it easier for businesses to keep employees and their data connected. Helping team members stay connected with meeting rooms designed to let team members work from anywhere around the world and still stay connected in the same time frame. Some other features of StarLeaf include cloud optimized meeting rooms, desktop installed systems, software for PCs, tablets and phones.