Covid virtal meetings Salt Lake

COVID-19 has shaken up the way the world works! Right now, we are watching many local businesses lock their doors for an unknown amount of time. There is concern for many businesses as they aren't sure if they have the resources in place to allow employee's to work from home. Can you switch your business to a remote operations in times like these? Five 9's Communications is committed to helping our businesses continue to thrive in times like these. Our cloud-based video conferencing solutions are designed to help maintain workplace productivity from remote offices.

Employers can work directly with employees via video-conferencing programs and online storage drives to collaborate on projects at the same time. Here are some things we recommend to create an effective remote working office.

Cloud-Based Solution

A cloud-based solution is designed to make it easy for employees to collaborate. People can work on a document at the same time. Corporations have relied on cloud-based solutions for years as they find it is an easier way to remain connected to staff throughout the world. Integrating cloud-based solutions offers everything your employees will need from calendar access to workspace spreadsheets and more. We work with industry-leader Mitel, to provide additional solutions for businesses.

Virtual Meeting Capabilities

What makes a good meeting stand out? Interaction between staff is critical to help the staff feel connected and focused. Our meeting tools are designed to do more than share your voice on a microphone. Teams will be able to have video conferencing and collaborate as if they were sitting next to each other.

Our video conferencing software solutions makes it feel like everyone is working out of the same office. Face-to-face conversations do make a difference on how employees work! Connecting and collaborating are easier thanks to Mitel and video conferencing modern solutions.

What Does Video Software Do for Businesses?

  1. Collaborate from anywhere, anytime
  2. Increase business productivity with engaged connection time
  3. Single, unified solution to enhance productivity
  4. Communication thats consistent for everyone
  5. Project management made easy

Let Five 9's Communications help your business build the remote work culture. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of our remote-working solutions.

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