A noisy workplace is one of the top employee complaints. Five 9’s Communications can provide sound masking in Utah for any of your business needs. If you have an open floorplan layout, a call center, or other noisy environment, here are five reasons why your business needs sound masking:

  1. Employee distraction
  2. Open layout noise
  3. Privacy concerns
  4. Improve sensitive customer information
  5. Maintain comfortable working environment

What exactly is sound masking, and how can it improve your business productivity?

Understanding Sound Masking

Sound masking is designed to provide background sound that reduces noise distractions and helps to improve phone and speech privacy. Sound masking focuses on taking noise and creating a balanced acoustical range, which helps to reduce the loud noise, but doesn’t leave a room feeling too quiet.

In all aspects, sound masking will add noise to a space, but it actually makes the room seem quieter. How? By utilizing ambient sound technology.  Sound masking reduces the intelligibility of human speech, which has been proven to help make conversations less distracting.

What Does Sound Masking Sound Like?

Sound masking is designed to keep a room from being too loud or too quiet. White noise or a quiet airflow is the similar sound you will hear when you have sound masking installed. We refer to the way sound is distributed by the “radius of distraction.”

What is the Radius of Distraction?

Sound masking will take the noise and distribute it differently throughout an area. Depending upon the size of the room, multiple devices will need to be installed to ensure proper ambient sound.

Cambridge Sound Masking

Common Problems Noise Causes in the Workplace

While open floorplans look nice, they are a killer on employee productivity. Why? The noise! Someone on a phone call talks at a normal tone, but the entire office hears the conversation and is instantly distracted.

Companies that have recently remodeled to new designs often find an increased noise level in the new floorplan. Modern building materials are not nearly as strong as some of the older building materials, which leads to additional noise reverberation. Many modern cubicles are shorter, often increasing noise levels in the new workplace.

Not only is open office space noise distracting, it can lead to concerns with privacy. Call centers often struggle with noise issues and confidential information being released thanks to conversations that were overheard.

Sound masking solutions will help to improve problems with employee noise distraction concerns. Contact Five 9’s Communications today to find out how we can help improve employee productivity in your workplace with sound masking in Utah.