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Five 9’s Communications was born after years of working for an organization that was no longer able to support the growing requirements of our industry and customers.  The journey began with five employees in a basement in 2004 and continued to grow and expand into three different offices over the next 15 years, including our current headquarters in Ogden, Utah.

Since 2004, the partners of Five 9’s Communications have been committed to delivering a great experience to our customers at a price that was fair and competitive. Although our services and product offerings have grown and changed over the years, our commitment remains unchanged and we continue to support many of the same customers today!

With decades of combined experience, Five 9’s Communications has grown from that small initial group into a team that continues to focus on the needs of our customers. We started with a focus on helping our customers overcome challenges related to their voice interactions with their customers. That focus has expanded today to include solving many different business problems with technology solutions.  This frequently includes the challenges of improving the way the customer communicates internally with their employees and externally with their customers.  We also help solve the challenges associated with connecting their equipment and networks in their new offices. We help them with the problem of protecting their employees and their assets from theft, and vandalism. Our solutions often include video cameras, access control, and intrusion detection.

Our goal is to provide you with the information, equipment, and support to allow you to focus on the things that make your business successful.

Five9’s BLOG



“Five 9’s has been a great benefit to the Information Technology department at Petersen Incorporated. They facilitated one of the smoothest upgrades I have been involved in, with our Shoretel phone system. They performed the upgrade over the weekend, and on Monday; we had zero issues reported by our employees.”

Ken Campbell – IT Manager

Five 9’s is a great company. They have been one of our tenants for many years. Not only do we use them regularly for our own office needs, but we continue to refer them to our other numerous tenants without hesitation. They always provide great service for a great price and on time. Cameron Cook – Boyer Company

We have worked with Five 9’s on multiple occasions over the past couple years with our business as it expands. The company employees are honest and caring, they want to ensure the system works well for the individual company they are serving. We enjoy the phone system and the features it allows really enhance the experience for our customers. We also feel the system has made the job of our office team easier. We would recommend this company.

Angy Ford Owner, Bravo Arts Academy